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Debbie D'Angelo

I’m Debbie D’Angelo the quilter behind Quilted Basket, a name that has been with me since my days selling Longaberger Baskets years ago. We were at a meeting to get set up to take credit cards through our basket businesses & they told us we had to have an actual business name, so several of the girls who knew I quilted said I had to be Quilted Basket & that’s how the name came to be.
After I left Longaberger the name just stayed with me as I began my longarm quilting business in 2004 after purchasing my Gammil Quilting Machine with the encouragement of my dear friend Diane Dornfried.
My quilting has evolved & changed over the years focusing on hand guided edge to edge quilting now.
I’ve been sewing since I was 10 years old, have made clothing, a few wedding & bridesmaids gowns, a fake fur coat, doll clothes, kids clothes, quilts & more. I owned a shop for a few years called Sew Darne Special located in the Watch Factory Shops in Cheshire where I taught English Smocking & Heirloom Sewing, embroidery & more. I took classes at Marth Pullen’s School of Art Fashion several years with some of the world’s top teachers in the field.
I’ve been focused on quilting for the last 18-20 years making lots of quilts for family, friends & charities.
I also teach sewing & quilting classes several times a month in my home studio, they are small classes to give everyone the time they need to succeed with every project.
I offer beginner sewing classes (School of Sewing) & beginner quilting classes (School of Quilting) that meet monthly along with several individual classes. You can also request a class for you & a few friends for a specific project.
Debbie D'Angelo's Quilted Basket

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