Debbie D'Angelo's Quilted Basket
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Quilting Cost Calculations

Quilting costs: Per Square inch
Pantographs or standard edge-to-edge $0.023
Small scale or intricate edge-to-edge $0.032
Meandering or Outline $0.027
Basting for hand quilters $0.017

Threads: Solid Color thread charge $5.00
Varigated Colors thread charge $9.00
Specialty threads charge $11.00

Batting: Per Running inch
Quilters Dream Natural Cotton Request King $0.57
Quilters Dream 80/20 Blend King $0.55
Quilters Dream Wool King $0.80
Quilters Dream Bamboo Midloft $0.66
Quilters Dream Puff Queen Individual Pkg. $47.90

Seam Repairs: $15.00
Squaring: $25.00
Ironing: $25.00
Flared Borders: $45.00

CT Sales tax will be added to total.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Copyrite 2022
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