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Precuts Basics

Fat Quarters are typically folded & sold in coordinating groups or in many cases individually. They are rectangles measuring 18”x21”. They are very popular & useful as there are many books on making quilts with fat quarters. It’s a great way to get a whole fabric group without buying lots of extra yardage.
From 1 fat quarter you can cut the following:
        • 12-5” squares or
        • 20-4” squares or
        • 42-3” squares or
        • 56-2 ½” squares or
        • 90-2” squares

Jelly Rolls are 2 ½”x42” or WOF (width of fabric) strips, there are lots of patterns & books that use 2 ½” strips so the skies the limit. They are usually rolled up & tied together as well as coming in boxes which have 42 strips in them. You can also get pre-cut strips in 1 ½”, 5” & 6” rolls.
From one jelly roll you can get enough binding for:
        • 5 twin size quilts or
        • 4 queen size quilts or  
        • 3 king size quilts
You can also cut:
        • 640-2 ½” squares or
        • 440-45 degree diamonds or
        • 1080 equilateral triangles

Squares come in:
        • 2 ½” mini charms
        • 5” charms or
        • 10” layer cakes
These are also a great way to get a little bit of a whole fabric collection & not have to cut! They usually contain 40 squares in a package & they have lots of great patterns & books full of ways to use them.

Some important information on pre-cuts:
Many of them have pinked edges to prevent fraying.
You cannot pre-wash your pre-cuts!

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